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  1. Welcome

    1. The pandemic has accelerated many sustainability trends, and given rise to some new ones
    2. Carbon emissions are set to fall in 2020 due to COVID-19, but new approaches are needed
  2. 01 Health

    1. The COVID-19 pandemic has galvanised interest in new types of medical delivery
    2. Cancer mortality rates have been improving over time
    3. Innovation in liquid biopsies will make key contributions to personalised cancer care
    4. The pace of scientific research has accelerated in response to the pandemic
  3. 02 Energy

    1. A revolution is underway in energy systems
    2. Coal is being squeezed out of the power sector except where it is heavily subsidised
  4. 03 Buildings & Mobility

    1. The COVID-19 pandemic has hugely disrupted patterns of mobility but long-term shifts are as yet unclear
    2. The infrastructure for electric mobility is taking shape
    3. National and city governments have the opportunity to accelerate the switch to electric vehicles
    4. Efficient lighting is now a mainstream technology
    5. Digital technology is enabling better building management systems
  5. 04 Economy & Finance

    1. Mainstream economics institutions now recognise the irrationality of investing in unsustainable industries
    2. The impact of the pandemic and the underlying inequalities it has revealed are leading to calls for a new social contract.
  6. 05 Consumer

    1. The pandemic has accelerated many consumer trends, but the depth and persistence of these changes is not yet clear
    2. A growing number of people are now choosing not to fly due to the climate impact
    3. Global awareness of the climate crisis was accelerating before the pandemic
    4. A shift to sustainable diets is needed alongside a transformation in production. Interest in meat alternatives is growing