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  1. Welcome

    1. The pandemic has accelerated many sustainability trends, and given rise to some new ones
  2. 01 Health

    1. More emphasis needed on prevention rather than cure
    2. The COVID-19 pandemic has galvanised interest in new types of medical delivery
  3. 02 Energy

    1. There are new opportunities to accelerate the transition. Did oil demand peak in 2019?
    2. 2020 has highlighted the resilience of renewable energy
    3. How will oil companies tackle emissions from customers using the fuel?
  4. 03 Buildings & Mobility

    1. The COVID-19 pandemic has hugely disrupted patterns of mobility but long-term shifts are as yet unclear
    2. Cities have been exploring new transport options. Will these changes persist?
    3. The consequences of the pandemic are likely to disrupt the economics of buildings
    4. In the past, declines in oil prices have led to higher sales of inefficient cars, such as SUVs
    5. This time, sales of electric vehicles are holding up much better than fossil-fuel cars
    6. More consumers are able to manage their energy consumption more effectively
  5. 04 Economy & Finance

    1. Opportunities for remote work are spread unevenly
  6. 05 Consumer

    1. A growing number of people are now choosing not to fly due to the climate impact
    2. Global awareness of the climate crisis was accelerating before the pandemic
    3. A catastrophic recession will put the ethos of sustainability to the test
    4. A shift to sustainable diets is needed alongside a transformation in production. Interest in meat alternatives is growing
  7. 06 Trade & Travel

    1. Long-distance rail could play a growing role for zero-carbon regional connections