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  1. Welcome

    1. There is palpable restlessness for change in society
    2. In light of these trends, it feels as if the ground is shifting. Could the world be at an “Earthrise” moment?
    3. Carbon emissions are set to fall in 2020 due to COVID-19, but new approaches are needed
    4. For now, many countries are prioritising “brown” stimulus over “green”
    5. Our future depends on building back better, together
  2. 02 Energy

    1. A revolution is underway in energy systems
    2. Renewables already out-compete fossil fuels in many countries
    3. Accelerating the shift to renewables would have a meaningful positive impact on jobs
    4. Companies procuring renewable energy is a further signal that renewables will prove resilient
    5. Some companies have slowly increased the amount invested in clean energy, but the crisis has disrupted this progress
    6. Meeting these net-zero goals may require a huge scaling up of CO₂ removal including “nature based solutions”
  3. 03 Buildings & Mobility

    1. The infrastructure for electric mobility is taking shape
    2. There is progress over time in making buildings more energy-efficient
    3. Efficient lighting is now a mainstream technology
    4. Net-zero building materials are essential to limiting emissions from the sector
  4. 04 Economy & Finance

    1. Moves are under way to integrate climate-related risk in the finance sector
    2. Mainstream economics institutions now recognise the irrationality of investing in unsustainable industries
    3. Choices made in the COVID-19 recovery phase will determine whether we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
    4. The number of financial institutions taking sustainability seriously is growing rapidly
    5. Companies are responding to calls from regulators and investors to provide enhanced climate-related risk disclosures
    6. Finance for carbon-intensive projects is out of line with climate goals
  5. 05 Consumer

    1. A growing number of people are now choosing not to fly due to the climate impact
    2. People want a sustainable economic recovery from the pandemic
    3. Our food systems have huge hidden costs
    4. A shift to sustainable diets is needed alongside a transformation in production. Interest in meat alternatives is growing
    5. A big contribution could be made by tackling food waste
  6. 06 Trade & Travel

    1. Reduced overseas trade may reduce emissions in some countries, but will not be sufficient to drive decarbonisation
    2. The shipping sector has come under growing scrutiny for fast-rising emissions
    3. Firms have many options available to drive down maritime emissions