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  1. Welcome

    1. There is palpable restlessness for change in society
    2. Our future depends on building back better, together
  2. 01 Health

    1. Access to healthcare is highly uneven
    2. Gains in life expectancy have been slowing for a while
    3. Cancer mortality rates have been improving over time
    4. The pandemic has affected certain groups more severely
  3. 02 Energy

    1. The clean-energy sector has suffered from job losses
    2. Accelerating the shift to renewables would have a meaningful positive impact on jobs
  4. 04 Economy & Finance

    1. There were signs the economy was becoming fairer shortly before the pandemic hit
    2. There are still huge gaps in economic opportunity and security. Many people do not have access to modern financial services
    3. Many corporates have work to do to incorporate sustainability into their operating framework
    4. Choices made in the COVID-19 recovery phase will determine whether we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
    5. Low-income households are much more exposed to COVID-19 shocks
    6. Workers in poor countries are especially affected
    7. Countries with high public debt and/or high borrowing costs and a large share of SMEs are much more exposed to COVID-19 shocks
    8. Opportunities for remote work are spread unevenly
    9. Without action, the impacts are likely to be more severe for disadvantaged groups
  5. 05 Consumer

    1. While some of us are over-consuming, others don’t have enough
    2. A catastrophic recession will put the ethos of sustainability to the test
    3. People want a sustainable economic recovery from the pandemic
    4. Ensuring access to healthy, sustainable food for everyone remains a huge challenge
    5. Food insecurity is rising fast due to inability to pay, a major indirect effect of the pandemic
    6. The lockdown has also left many people exposed to hunger in the developed world
  6. 06 Trade & Travel

    1. A sharp reversal of globalisation could push more people into extreme poverty
    2. As people stay at home more, some groups are affected more than others